Website design and maintanance 

A presence on the internet has become the most important part of marketing your business, product or service. More often than not it's the first place people 'check you out'. Many potential customers make snap decisions based on the look of a 'Home Page'. So; yes is very important that you get it right. A website shouldn't cost you money, it should make money for you and your business.

So what should you be looking for in a website:

Bright attractive graphics

Movement to create interest

Easily navigated

Fast load time

Quality, factual copy, well laid out and easy to find

Easy to use, with a clear outcome "buy now" or "Sign up" or "call me" or anything

Easy to change, add information, update photographs.

Commercial Artist often produce web sites for clients based on other areas of our work. In the past we have designed a brochure or signage and taken the photographs to make outstanding, highly functional websites that work for our customers.

We can do as little or as much as you want. We can take all your photographs, write all your copy, and format a beautiful website that will make you and your business look good, really good.